10 Reasons to Consider Moving to San Antonio

San Antonio one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. With its easygoing vibe, family-friendly atmosphere, and plenty of delicious southern cuisine, it’s easy to see why it attracts so many people from all around the country. If you’re still unconvinced that San Antonio is the place for you, here are ten reasons why you should consider moving to this prized Texan city.

1. It’s Got a Small Town Feel

San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the United States, but you’d never know it by the small town atmosphere that fills the streets. The locals here are very friendly and connected with each other, and although the city streets do get busy, they’re never cramped or overcrowded.

2. It’s Incredibly Affordable

Even though it’s a big city, San Antonio has affordable rent, real estate, and overall cost of living. In fact, it’s rated seventh in Money Crashers ‘Top Ten Most Affordable U.S. Cities.’ Residents pay a fraction of the cost to live here than in other big cities in the U.S. and still have access to exciting big city attractions.

3. The Tex-Mex Never Runs Out

San Antonio has a rich Mexican culture with countless Tex-Mex restaurants located all over the city. And whether you’re craving homemade salsa, an authentic Chile Relleno, or tasty quesadillas, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for just around the corner!

There are no shortages of tasty quesadillas or other authentic Tex-Mex dishes in this city.

There are no shortages of tasty quesadillas or other authentic Tex-Mex dishes in this city.

4. You Will Never Be Bored

There’s always something fun do within this exciting city! Whether it’s strolling the romantic Riverwalk, exploring one of the many historical museums, or dining at the popular Pearl Brewery complex, you’ll never be bored while living in San Antonio.

5. The Scenery is Beautiful

The city is home to over 14,000-acres of scenic parks and over a hundred miles of picturesque hiking and biking trails. And if that’s still not enough natural beauty to satisfy you, the stunning Texas Hill Country is just a short car ride away.

6. It’s a Great Place to Start a Business

If you’re thinking about starting a company, San Antonio is the place to be. Since the city economy has been flourishing, tons of new small businesses have been flocking to the area and have been able to grow with a steady stream of customers. This success is largely in part to the nearby Army and Air Force bases located next to San Antonio.

7. The Hometown Pride is a Big Deal

Like, a huge deal. Even if you’re a newcomer to the city, you’ll be swept up in the fandom of the San Antonio home teams, including the beloved San Antonio Spurs. With rallies, constant camaraderie, and excitement on the streets during a game day, the city has loyal fans devoted to hometown pride.

Get ready for plenty of game day excitement when living in this loyal town!

Get ready for plenty of game day excitement when living in this loyal town!

8. There’s Plenty of Education Opportunities

From business to architecture to science, San Antonio offers a broad range of respected public and private colleges. You’ll find The Art Institute of San Antonio, Trinity University, UTSA, and many other institutions that provide students with the best education experience possible.

9. The Barbecue is to Die For

After all, you are in Texas. You wouldn’t expect anything less than living in a city where there’s smoked ribs or sauce-covered pork around every corner. If you’re looking for a classic Texas BBQ experience, try Two Bros BBQ Market, where the restaurant serves up favorite dishes with a southern twist.

10. You’ll Be Living Among History

You didn’t think we’d miss The Alamo did you? San Antonio is a famous spot where the Republic of Texas soldiers had their last stand against the Mexican troops. The Alamo landmark is one of the many historic sites in San Antonio and is exciting to see up close.

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Top 5 Kid-Friendly Attractions in San Antonio

The city of San Antonio, Texas seems to be tailor-made for families with children, as it contains some of the most exciting and educational attractions in the Lone Star State. If you’re looking to take your family to a kid-friendly location for an afternoon of fun, we recommend you check out our top five picks below.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Located between San Antonio and New Braunfels, the Natural Bridge Caverns is home to some of the country’s most extensive caverns. Guided tours are available to see these underground limestone chambers where visitors can get an up-close view of stalagmites, stalactites, and unusual formations such as crystal “soda straws.” Above-ground attractions include a maze, an obstacle course with a zip-line down, and the Discovery Village Mining Co., where you can mine for jewels and fossils the way miners used to pan for gold. You can even visit the nearby Bracken Cave, the world’s largest bat colony, where you can see the bats emerge on select days in the summer.

Explore the beautiful and mysterious underground caverns at the Natural Bridge Caverns.

Explore the beautiful and mysterious underground caverns at the Natural Bridge Caverns.

SeaWorld San Antonio

Out of the three SeaWorld parks in the United States, SeaWorld San Antonio happens to be the largest. Families can visit the Shamu Theater to watch the orcas perform, interact with beluga whales and California sea lions, or even enter the Penguin Encounter exhibit, where you’ll enter a habitat containing over 100 penguins. And with a variety of shows, rides, and games offered at the park, children of all ages can enjoy a trip to this aquatic adventure.

Morgan’s Wonderland

Morgan’s Wonderland is a theme park that caters towards special needs children, and admission is free for anyone with a disability. Spread out over 25-acres, the park has plenty of fun activities as well as an amphitheater where groups perform music, dances, and comedy routines. It’s not only a perfect spot for those with disabled children but also perfect for families who wish to avoid large crowds and long lines of people.

The Alamo

The Alamo is a must-see for children who love history and have learned about this event in American history. Admission into the church and the adjoining Long Barrack Exhibition is free and visitors can watch living history demonstrations and listen to short history talks without having to pay a fee. The tours of the fort and battlefield are exciting and interested to experience, and there are many temporary exhibitions of artworks and artifacts related to the Alamo Mission located in the area as well.


The Alamo is a fun and educational experience for children of all ages.

The Alamo is a fun and educational experience for children of all ages.

Witte Museum

The Witte Museum is a museum of natural history and science and includes an Earth Explorers exhibit that can virtually take you around the world. Visitors can learn about Texas history through live performances and interactive exhibits at the museum’s Southern Texas Heritage Center. Families can even explore local marine life in the nearby San Antonio River through its fun River Alive! program.

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