Moving to a new city can be exciting; however, this type of move doesn’t come without stress. This is especially true if it has to be done on short notice, with a couple of weeks or even days to transport your life. To help relieve the pressure, utilize the tips below. They’re some of the best for prepping for this big change without the luxury of time on your side.

Tips for Planning

1. Decide on Movers

If you’re truly crunched for time, moving by yourself isn’t going to be an option. When moving last minute, Sacramento moving company, Cheap Movers, suggest giving yourself a break by hiring movers to come on the day you’d like to move. This should be the first thing you do, as many moving companies are booked weeks in advance.

2. Decide on Packers

Before you pack, decide how this will be done. Can you afford to hire packers? If you can, it’s recommended to have them take care of this because they can get most homes packed in one or two days. If not, then ask friends and family to help, with the promise of gratitude and pizza as thanks.

3. Find a Home

Enlist a real estate agent or property manager to help you find a new home where you’re moving to. You can find great tips for finding an apartment fast here. If you’re currently a homeowner, you’ll have to decide on selling or renting out. If you’re renting, then talk to your property manager about the next steps in breaking your lease.

4. Call Utilities

Call each of your utility companies to have a shut-off date determined. You’ll also need to have your television changed, alarm systems stopped, and your mail forwarded. Last but not least, call all credit card and banking companies to change your location. Keep in mind most of these things can’t be done until you have a new address.

How to Pack

1. Divide and Conquer

Grab a few friends or packing professionals and assign one to each room in the house. Each person should have their packing tape, boxes, paper, and packing materials.

2. Pack Properly

Begin with heavy items first to ensure your items are less likely to be damaged when you move. U-Haul has great tips for properly packing moving boxes.

3. Use Wardrobe Boxes

For clothing that is hung up, use wardrobe boxes that will allow them to stay on the hanger.

4. Toss or Donate

Haven’t used or worn something in more than a year? Toss or donate it to save you time and eliminate additional boxes.

5. Manage Your Time

As you’re packing, it can be tempting to stop and take a break. However, without time on your side, this isn’t an option. Stay laser-focused, manage your time properly, and plan everything out to ensure you’re packed in time for moving day.

Preparing for Change

A last-minute move is never easy, even if you’re only moving to the next city over. However, by using the tips above, it can be a little less stressful. As long as you have the help of friends or professionals, your move is sure to go more smoothly, despite the time crunch.

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